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The Wonderful World Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad term that you probably hear get tossed around fairly often. Digital Marketing simply refers to marketing methods and strategies that are used on the internet to promote products and services.

These marketing efforts are used to increase  online presence and drive engagement directly to your business. In fact, there are even ways to fine tune these different sources. You’ll be able to maximize your audience and enhance the potency of your efforts.

For Example:

  • Paid advertisements (Google, Facebook)
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Guest Posting

Our main focus is on paid advertisements. This is because both Google and Facebook have powerful tools to specifically target the type of clients you are looking for. Essentially, the more time you use the tools the more effective they become .  In fact, this helps you at find the ideal customer who will purchase your products or services.


Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the primary methods of marketing your business digitally online to customers. These ads are digital billboards that appear in the Google Search results list. In essence, they serve the same function as SEO. However, Google Ads tend to get results much faster because you are are paying for a premium spot in Google’s search listing.


  • You can target multiple keywords/phrases
  • Can pay for a premium spot in search results
  • Pay per click model (PPC-pay only when ads are clicked)
  • Able to turn off campaigns
  • Robust remarketing options

Kiu Solutions focuses on targeting niche specific keywords and offer our clients some of the lowest cost per click (CPC) . Specifically, we do this in order to maximize your potential reach. Most importantly, our team also focuses on remarketing and view that as the key to getting the most out of your campaigns. Remarketing allows you to use ads that were effective in generating purchases of your products and services from a certain type of group of people. Next, they allow you to market to another similar set of potential clients who have not yet engaged with your brand.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a different type of advertising approach that allow you to engage with potential clients in ways that SEO and PPC don’t. Chiefly, this strategy is more about using ads that raise brand awareness and create trust. If done correctly, Facebook Ads can often add more high-value engagements to your business.


  • Typically lower CPC
  • About brand engagement/awareness
  • Plethora of user-data
  • More powerful retargeting

The Kiu Solutions team understands the power of Facebook’s algorithm and how it can be used to build trust and drive clients to your business.  Facebook is is a great to tool to target high-intent clients. It’s also used to raise awareness and generate buzz about your brand to people who may not have know you existed or knew they needed your products and services. Furthermore, we use Facebook’s retargeting to even find clients  who are similar to your best existing customers. We find these clients based on interests, hobbies, and habits.


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